If there’s anything that’s essential to a thriving office environment, it’s a smooth playlist. That said, you can’t play any ole melody that your ears are itching to hear. The music controller must keep in mind that people are working, writing, analyzing and programming. The wrong song or genre can easily make or break not only the work environment, but the workers and their will to produce quality work. 

Now you, the weary reader must be wondering to yourself, “What’s the best music to play in my office? What tunes will push us to our full potential?” Very good question. First off, you should avoid playing anything too festive, overbearing or obnoxious. We all like to get down on a Friday night, but believe me, there’s nothing like a little bit of reggaeton or Nicki Minaj to kill someone’s will to be productive. 

A good and moral office DJ will always go with a playlist that can easily fade into the background and almost go unnoticed. The last thing that you want to do is play something  that will grab the workers attention and pull them from their labor. Go for some smooth jazz or ‘80s music. The type of stuff you recall hearing in grocery and department stores growing up. 

Now before going off and spinning the perfect office tunes, you also must consider the volume of the music. Even droning office classics like The Human League’s, “Don’t You Want Me,” and Tom Petty’s, “Free Fallin’,” can become disruptive if they are played too loudly. A good office DJ will always keep the music to a low background hum. If the office worker wants to find out what the song is, they should have to concentrate hard to hear what’s playing. 

Furthermore, as an office DJ, you should always remember that it isn’t about showing off your personal taste in music or winning the affection of the workers. Yes, it’s always nice to receive a compliment about your playlist and come across as a chap that knows all the killer tunes. However, the office is not the place. The office DJ must play songs that will relax the workers and bring out their best abilities. 

Now, go out yonder ye office DJs and do your part for the workers of your office. Play the smooth tunes that will assist your comrades in crunching numbers and writing reports at a productive and speedy pace.

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