Office workers around the world from India to Indiana are all scratching their heads and wondering, “How many cups of coffee are too many cups of coffee?” One cup, two cups or maybe five cups? With years of coffee drinking and office experience under my belt, I’ve come to the conclusion that two is the magic number.

Any more than that and coffee, Columbia’s gift to humanity, becomes the gift that stops giving. Three cups will turn into four and four into five, as you continually chase that caffeine high. Before you know it, you’re slamming down a coffee every hour on the hour and finding yourself drenched in caffeine sweats and keyboard mashing nonsense that can in no way be comprehended by the decaffeinated minds of the masses.

Let’s talk coffee cup number one. You wake in the morning, wash up, dress and just manage to catch the subway to work. Instantly you find your groggy self in a sea of humanity. You don’t even try to find a seat because time has taught you that coming across a seat on your morning commute is an impossibility. So you stand there amongst the heavy breathers, the loud talkers and worst of all, the people who have no sense of personal space and hope the music pumping through your earbuds can drown out the reality before you.

When you get off that long commute, you are sailing on a sea of personal misery with a gaping hole in your deck and no land in sight. You stumble into the office and that’s coffee’s moment to shine. You grunt as the dreaded morning people say hello and try to make conversation and you put that hot cup of Joe together with desperate haste. The moment that rich dark liquid touches your lips, you’ve spotted land or perhaps an oasis in a desert that seemed never ending. Now you feel human and ready to work and throw out those pleasantries to your coworkers.

Coffee number one will do a good job of holding you over until lunch time. However, once that food is resting in your stomach, you feel not like typing up a masterpiece, but like napping, heading to your bed and calling it a day. That’s when coffee number two slides into the picture. You’ll want to make this cup a little stronger. You still have about four hours until it’s time to clock out and depending on the cup, it could give you a caffeine fix that’ll push you through the remainder of your day.

According to websites like Healthline and Mayo Clinic, a couple of cups of Joe a day can do wonders for a person. It’ll boost your performance level, burn fat, raise testosterone levels and even lower your risks of catching diseases like Parkinson’s and type 2 Diabetes. That said, overdoing it on the coffee can ultimately land you in a world of cardiovascular peril. Keeping your health in mind, you might want to follow in the footsteps of this coffee enthusiast and stick to two cups a day.

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